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Circle Leader

Adult Ministry
All campuses
  • Ministry Team: Circles (Adult Ministry)
  • Reports to: Circles Coach; Campus Circles Coordinator; and Director of Adult Ministry
    Time Commitment: 1-3 Hours per week
  • Length of Commitment: 8-16 wks [1 trimester at a time (Jan – Apr; May – Aug; Sep – Dec)]


A Circle leader works to provide everyone the opportunity to pursue authentic community and spiritual growth by cultivating a healthy small group environment where people can connect relationally, converse intentionally, and care missionally for each other and our world.


  • Connect relationally with Circle participants, both in and outside group gatherings.
  • Build genuine friendships both in and outside your group gatherings.
  • Connect with Circle participants on a regular basis, especially those who miss gatherings.
  • Answer questions and offer support or resources to Circle participants.
  • Converse intentionally with participants, new potential recruits, and Circles leadership.
  • Facilitate group conversations around the weekend messages, scriptures, lessons/curriculum, interests, or activities leveraged for spiritual conversations on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule.
  • Promote your group with potential new members and your campus Circles leadership.
  • Care missionally for participants and others in your group’s sphere of influence.
  • Communicate with a Circle coach/coordinator at least once a month for any needs, updates, or questions.
  • Search for opportunities to care for and serve those within your circle or an outreach in your community.


  • Actively pursuing a life-giving, growing, obedient, and genuine relationship with Jesus.
  • Eagerly supportive of Grand Point including its mission, values, leaders, and vision for the future.
  • Enthusiastic about connecting with people and facilitating life-giving conversations that lead to support, encouragement, and spiritual growth.


  • ‘What is a Circle, and How Do I Start One?’ booklet
  • Circle leader box
  • Online Circle finder
  • Circle leader huddles
  • Books, curriculum, and other supplies as needed

Onboarding Plan

  • Complete the Circle start-up form and discuss your Circle plan with a coach or coordinator. This should take place well in advance of the beginning of a trimester.
  • Set a first meeting date, invite participants, and start gathering.
  • Connect with your Circle coach or coordinator during the trimester.


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